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DMFit Imperial Fittings/Male connector (BSPP)/10 mm, Inner - 12 mm, Outer fitting

DMFit LLDPE tubes/Imperial : 3/8" (9,52mm) Outer - 1/4" (6,35mm) Inner/3/8" blue tube

DMFit Metrical Fittings/Female adapter (BSPP FLAT)/8 mm Inner - 1/4" Inner fitting, BSPP FLAT

DMFit Metrical Fittings/T, Y, other union (threaded)/T, run swivel , 12 mm Inner - 12 mm Inner - 3/8" Outer fitting, BSPP

Our Partners

Our customers can be found in all industries.

Food industry, machine construction, coffee dispensers, pneumatics and water fitting.

Our DMfit products are available in all areas and are in use, and our Twistloc products have been recommended for water installation due to the safety connection.

DMFit TwistLoc

Ordering information

You can place your order by phone, or via e-mail

We will contact you within 24 hours (on work days) and answer your queries.

Szállítási információk

Delivery information


Following the order, our products will be delivered on the next working day internationally with trans-o-flex courier or GLS courier, and in domestic with GLS courier. Packages are part of the trans-o-flex or GLS packet tracking system can be overviewed by the up-to-date tracking.

The courier service notifies the recipient of the relevant informations about the expected delivery of the package.

Szállítási ideje

Delivery times


Within the Europien Union we can complete the delivery door-to-door within 3-5 working days from our stock!

Within Hungary we can complete delivery door-to-door within 1-3 working days from our stock!

Within Hungary we can complete delivery door-to-door within 2-4 working days from our stock!

Out of the European Union please before you place an order, contact us for term and conditions to the specific country, contact us here!  

Fizetési folyamat

Payment terms


The ordered products are invoiced and sent to the costumers sites. If you send us wire transfer please write the invoice number into the announcement.

If you are receiving your product c.o.d. please do prepair the exact sum for the courier.