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About Us

Since DMT was founded in 1987, DMT has developed and grown as a global leading company that has secured high technologies and high qualified products throughout constant research and development of technology based on quality-first policy and competitive advantage of products by differentiated service strategy.

DMT has certificated with NSF 51 & 61, FDA, SK-Zert, and WRAS. DMT is supplying home appliance companies such as Electrolux, SAMSUNG and LG, drinks dispense, soft drinks and water purifying systems, etc., for residentil and coomercial applications. DMT has 40 international sales networks in the world.

DMT's global management by craftsmanship achieves recognition in the global market in the rapidly changing world situation and economic risk, DMT will promise that DMT will become a true partner based on customer's credit and trust. 

Thanking you, the team of DMFit Central